What is your Session Fee?

  • The time and experience of the photographer and or assistant, making kids smile, and capturing that perfect photography
  • The time spent before the session preparing, looking at ideas, different techniques, and lighting
  • The thousands of dollars of equipment that is used to capture those images and the insurance of that equipment
  • The time that the Photographer and there possible assistant are away from there family working
  • The hours upon hours that it takes to edit each photo individually before you can view the photos yourself
  • The Facebook examples that are created so that you can show your images off to your friends and family
  • The session time that you have to actually take the photos
  • The taxes that are involved, both state and federal, that make my studio professional and a legal studio
  • Everything in my studio that is considered a prop, the backdrops, and the upkeep to keep the studio running

I wanted to make the session fees affordable. But also make sure I can keep my company alive and keep it a safe environment for you and your loved ones. I want to make sure that you know I am a professional in-home studio, and that went you come here you are in good hands!